Science Lab

An area running with activities and discoveries, where children are guided by experienced teachers to transform their theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge through learning by doing. Full fledged labs with all modern amenities. 

 A great scientist J.B. Andre Dumas said "if  I have to live my life again, I would always remain in my laboratory to accomplish original scientific work". Rightly said for a person with scientific acumen and temperament.  The school has three laboratories one each for physics, chemistry and biology. Here experiments are demonstrated to impart the basic principles of the science. Laboratory is a workshop where truth of ideas is tested and many theoretical aspects are verified through learning by doing. Moreover leaning in the laboratory enables the student to be more disciplined, systematic, punctual, sincere, independent and patient to do their work more effectively and efficiently. All the laboratories are well equipped and have a lab-in-charge who looks after and maintains them.

Students coming to the lab for practical are advised to carry their lab manual record files and pencil boxes. After the students occupy their seats teachers give instructions to the students regarding the method of performing the experiments, the basic principle behind and also the observations to be recorded. Thus science lab is a place where students develop keen observation power, analyzing skill, accuracy and self confidence. In this corner of the school many future scientists are moulded and shaped by the hands of the expert teachers.