Maths Lab

Since the time CBSE has come out with the idea of introducing maths lab in all schools, our lab boasts about a world full of activities. Students are introduced to various concepts and theorems of math through activities. Models, projects, charts and portraits of mathematicians are also displayed.

CBSE had decided to introduce the concept of practical activities in mathematics and this will be a part of internal assessment in math's in secondary classes. The objective of this step is to enhance and supplement prescribed in the syllabus and thus make learning useful and fun by correlating with students surroundings.

Keeping in view the above directive of the CBSE, we have set up a maths lab in our school. Efforts are made to conduct various activities which will enhance the skills and critical thinking of students. Experiments are conducted in such a way so that the children can make discoveries to increase their understanding of various concepts. In our math lab we have acquired professionally made teaching aids such as working model, instrument box, charts etc. They assist teachers in making the teaching of mathematics more effective, interesting and enjoyable. This approach on learning mathematics will certainly benefit the students immensely.