We at SIS have devised a robust mechanism by which we are providing constructive e-learning to all the students of our institution.

1. Zoom/Google Meet App: Online interactive classes are being conducted by subject teachers. The frequency of such live interactive classes is once a day and the duration of each class is 40 mins. No class is being conducted on Sunday or any other gazettec holiday.

2.YouTube: Teachers are recording their videos on various topics eg.Basic English grammar and uploading them on the school's YouTube channel for the benefit of the students. Otherwise, only two videos are being forwarded to students each day.

3. PDFs: Teachers are making well explained and illustrated pdf notes, assignments for the students. Small assignments of only two subjects are sent a day. No e-content is sent to students on Sunday or any other gazetted holiday.

4. Google forms: Small assignments containing MCQs and very short answers are being prepared on Google forms and forwarded to students for recapitulation.

5.WhatsApp: All the students are connected with their teachers through WhatsApp. Groups have been created for all classes. E-content is being forwarded through it. Their queries are being resolved by their subject teachers through whatsapp groups.

5. Tele-counselling: Students are being tele-counseled by the school counselor in case of any requirement.