• The absence of a student from the school for a single day is viewed with great concern. The guardian should encourage his/her ward not to abstain from the school unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Attendance on the last day of the school before vacation and first day of the school after vacation is absolutely essential.
  • However, absence on the first day will be permitted for special reasons with the prior permission of the principal. When a student is absent without prior permission, he will be liable for disciplinary action.
  • Student will not be allowed to leave the school early. In case of such a requirement a note of explanation from the parent is to be furnished to the principal. No one is allowed to take days off before holiday not to prolong his/ her holiday after the rejoining of the school.
  • Withdrawal of child from classes for frequent social function is not recommended because it retards the child’s progress in the school minimizes his/her respect for regular hard work with consequent failure to progress in his/her studies.
  • All leaves will be sanctioned by the principal on receipt of a written request stating clearly the reason for leave. In case of illness, a medical certificate must accompany the leave application.
  • In case of illness or other unavoidable reason of absence it becomes the special responsibility of the parents to send a leave note in the diary.
  • Absence due to illness should be intimated at once as prior permission is required even for a short period of time.
  • A student not reporting within 15 days off is considered withdrawn.
  • Attendance before functions and tests in mandatory.
  • Absence days prior to examination / unit test will lead to deduction of 5 marks from the grand total.
  • No special arrangements are made for the examination of students who for any reason absent themselves from any part of examination.
  • Student who fail to appear in anyone of the papers due to illness/ accident must produce a medical certificate and the test will be marked M.L. if for some unavoidable reason a student has missed any test in any subject, the average of various tests of that particular subject will be taken at the end of the session, provided the student has appeared for the remaining tests of the same subject, thus causing no loss of position at the end. In case of absence without permission the exam/test will be marked zero. No exam / test will be taken again.