Dress Code

The wearing of school uniform for the children of our school as specified from the time to time is compulsory. The wearing of the uniform is not only a ritual but a very sacred duty which brings about oneness amongst the children and responsibility in their attitudes. Procuring and wearing of well fitted uniform as well as its maintenance needs optimum attention for parents.

Note :

  • Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed.
  • The school uniform must be worn on all working days.
  • Non- sikh boys should get their hair trimmed at regular intervals.
  • Girls should not apply nail polish or mehndi during the school session.
  • Girls with short hair must wear hair band.
  • The school will switch over to winter uniform and winter timings as per the session. The dates will be notified accordingly.
  • Children are requested to come to school in proper uniform even on the non – working days
  • Nur/K.G.: A spare set of clothes should be deposited.